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Bach in the Subways


 Pacifying the Dragon

December 2016

Shoreline Groundswell

September 2016


Puppet Shows!

“Mrs. Periwinkle and Possum”

Mrs. Periwinkle’s good friend Possum has something very important to tell her.  Unfortunately, before Possum delivers the message he freezes up!  To wake Possum, Mrs. Periwinkle learns from the Wishing Well that she must visit a frog named King Froggy Wartingham III. The King is bored and will help only if he can be entertained by a dragonfly dance.  Mrs. Periwinkle help the children decorate dragonfly puppets and they perform before the king!

Call (206) 524-3388 to book. Or contact us online.

Includes dragonfly puppet to decorate and keep and gift for each child. 


 "Yo Ho Ho the Pirate Show!"

with Crazy Cap'n Jenny

Avast, ye maties! On this interactive adventure you can join Crazy Captain Jenny aboard her ship, the Black Thistle, as she sails ‘round the world seeking her lost treasure.
Meet Clarence the Crocodile and learn how he escaped a giant Sea Monster!


Call now to schedule a puppet show for your special event: 206-524-3388

Mrs. Lavender


Mrs. Lavender and Little Vera at the

 Lavender Festival at Highland Spring Resort

Cherry Valley, CA

May 31 - June 3, 2019