Art! Dance!


I travelled to Macedonia to teach English to children with dance, art, music and puppets.


I have travelled to Bangladesh three times to perform puppet shows as an outreach program for Nalta Hospital.


“Why Bangladesh?  Why you?  And what will you do?”

My gifts, while certainly plentiful, have always been difficult for me to fit into meaningful service.  I am not a medical professional, nor do I have any money.  I am a career ballet dancer/teacher/choreographer/actress/artist and have worked a wide variety of other jobs, including a stint as a dental assistant, and currently as office assistant for the University of Washington’s Department Human Subjects.  Most importantly I was a mother, passionately devoted to not just serving the needs of my daughters, but to also provide them with an example of meaningful life and a better world. In 2005 I went on a solitary retreat up to Bearhead Mountain, just north of Mount Rainier.  All alone for days up in that high altitude, looking at the mountain, looking at myself, what had seemed to be chaotic and meaningless looked … perfect.  All those little pieces of me that had seemed so scattered and unimportant actually became important parts of a bigger picture.  The distillation of what I learned up there was simply this: “be yourself, give yourself.”  I don’t need to be rich to give; I don’t need to be a doctor or a dentist to serve.  I can be what I am; an artist, a dancer, a puppeteer, and I can make a difference.